Allah In Islam V.S Other Deities

Allah In Islam V.S Other Deities


Islam means being in the state of submission to God, worshipping Him Alone, accepting and obeying His Law. The foundation of the Islamic faith is belief in absolute Monotheism (the Oneness of God).  This means to believe that there is only one Creator and Sustainer of everything in the Universe, and that nothing is divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Him. Being a Muslim entails complete acceptance and active obedience to the revealed teachings and laws of God the Exalted. So according to Islamic beliefs a Muslim is a person basing all aspects of their life on God and His will so it is critical to know God as the Only Ruler in the universe.

Before we go any further let us have something as a preface.

 Often you may hear the word “Allah” being used in Islamic discussions and basically the most common word referring to God among Muslims is “Allah”   So what does it mean?. Is there any difference between Allah and God?

The word “Allah” is simply the Arabic word for Almighty God so it has the same meaning as God in English. Arabic speaking Christians and Jews also use “Allah” to point at the Creator of the universe. For example Christians call Jesus as “the Son of Allah” or you see the word “Allah” in Arabic translation of the Bible wherever the word “God” is used. As a matter of fact the Arabic word for Almighty God, “Allah”, is similar to the word for God in other Semitic languages. For example the Hebrew word for God is “Elah”.

 Muslims insist to address God by the word “Allah”  because this is the name by which God introduced himself in His last revelation “the Quran”.  In addition, other equivalents even the word “God” cannot express the real God in the universe as this name can, because calling him by other names instead of “Allah” may convey some other unwanted and false traits which are accepted for God in other religions. Because unfortunately almost all other religions have been distorted and some falsehoods have entered those religions or some of their teachings have been forgotten or lost over the centuries, however the main message delivered to the mankind by prophets from Adam to Muhammad, peace be upon them all, was the same and all of them preached the same God with the same traits. For example when you address him by “God” it may communicate some features assumed for him according to the Christian teachings such as being father or having a son who is His manifestation or when you call him with “Elah” as Jews call him it may communicate some features assumed by Jewish religion such as restriction of His power.

On this basis, there is no difference between “Allah” in Arabic language and God in English for example. But unfortunately for various reasons, some non-Muslims mistakenly believe that Muslims worship a different God than the God of Moses and Abraham and Jesus. This is certainly not the case, since the Pure Monotheism of Islam calls all people to the worship of the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the other prophets, peace be upon them all. Some of such these misconceptions come from some religious leaders trying to distort the truth and some come from ignorance as well. Every person reading the Quran can easily realize that the Allah who is the God of Muhammad(PBUH) is the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the other prophets.

There is no ambiguity or mystery in this regard.

After this preface we say that Allah introduces himself by His revelation delivered by His prophets as the Creator of the universe, the Sustainer of all creatures, the King of the universe, the Almighty,  the First and the Last, the Eternal and the Infinite, and the Omniscient, the Omnipresent, the Compassionate and the Merciful, the Magnificent and the Friend. In an expression, the Possessor of all excellence. Everything inherently submit  to His infinite power and everything is praising and glorifying Him innately.

There is no partner for Him, but also He is the Creator of any partners. There is no rival for Him. Nothing can resist His will. There is no wife, no son or daughter for Him. There is no deity in the world except him. No one is worthy to be worshipped except Him. He is the closest being to the creatures and everybody can have a direct and first hand relation with Him. There is no need for intermediaries including religious leaders, heroes, saints and angels to have a relationship with Him.






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